Is This Courses Just For Beginners?

This is an introductory course and is part of Kyle’s On Page SEO Course. The training is mainly geared towards those who are new to SEO and wish to quickly hit the ground running with their campaigns. The course offers a solid framework for understanding just what organic SEO is and the way it functions with local SEO in particular. Local SEO encompasses everything from general web site optimization to more specific strategies for optimizing each pages on your site. This module gives you the foundation to develop customized campaigns with a tailored approach. All techniques within this module are executed on Google, so you can rest assured that your pages will be shown up favorably when searched for.

This portion of the course focuses on six modules which focus on generating local SEO using Google Places, content, social media, videos, and more. Within the six modules, you will learn how to optimize each area by utilizing proven tactics. You will also learn how to make full use of Google’s guidelines for local business listings. There is also a focus on building links within the digital marketing arena. These links will leverage your presence on Google Places and increase your chances of getting ranked highly for your chosen search term.

After learning about local search optimization in the six modules, students move on to keyword research which focuses on competitive keywords and their variations. Students learn to conduct thorough keyword research and come up with strategies for creating new campaigns. Keyword research can be one of the most time consuming aspects of local SEO but is absolutely essential if you want to build citations and optimize your pages.

Kyle teaches the importance of ranking well in Google. He explains why you should pay attention to getting ranked high not just in Google’s organic search results, but also in the local search results. Keyword research is one of the main focuses of the six skill sets from Keyword Elite, and this section of the courses focuses on that skill alone. This section is designed to teach students about creating long-term optimization strategies that will rank you well in Google and other search engines over the long term.

Search engine optimization should be considered a continuous process. You must rank well over time as it is an ever changing industry. In the time of writing this article, over three million people have taken this course and left with valuable insight into how they can rank well with Google AdWords and local business websites. Many individuals have left with detailed reports on what they did to rank well on Google. With the help of Kyle and his team of professionals, these individuals learned how they took their information and created strategies that worked for them.

The two main strategies that the course teaches are Google local business and Google adsense. Google local business is the main driving force behind the rankings at the moment. Users in each local city use the Google search engine to find local businesses that they can shop online. To rank well with Google AdSense, a business has to be listed within the Google local business section. Kyle and his team went through a great deal of online training in order to teach their strategies that would allow anyone to be successful with Google AdSense and local business rankings.

A large number of people who take courses like this will find that they will rank well for free with Google. This is because Google is willing to give out free spots if the person sending the request for search engine optimization spots will list their business location within the local area. This is the only free method that Google currently has in place for ranking high in the search engine optimization rankings. If someone were to list their business within the search engine optimization section, they would need to pay a fee for the chance of being offered a spot on the first page of Google. The fees are minimal and are currently being used by thousands of individuals to reach the top of the major Google results pages.

Over 2 million individuals have already taken this local SEO course and it is not ending any time soon. Individuals who know how to optimize their webpages and local businesses are able to take advantage of the first page ranking by Google. If you are not familiar with local seo and are interested in reaching the top of the Google rankings, you should sign up for this course and learn how to effectively utilize the strategies that the professionals are using to get there. You can be one of the millions of individuals who take advantage of the free resources that this course offers to help you reach the top of Google.

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